The best range of group activities in the Southern Highlands

Test yourself or take it easy. We’ve got something for everyone.

If you’re looking for team-bonding or a good laugh with a group of friends, Sylvan Glen offers the best range of Southern Highlands group activities with Segway tours, foot golf, Archery Strike!, zip line and more.

Sylvan Glen has an onsite team who can tailor the perfect package of unique activities for your group no matter what age or physical ability.

Activities are available for wedding or conference groups by arranging along with your booking.

If you’d just like to book some fun with a group of friends, go for it!

Based on your advice, the team can put together a program for relaxation, fun or pure adrenaline-seeking—or a combination of all three!

Get out and about

Off road 'Glenway' scooter tour


Giant soccer






Foot golf




Archery Strike!








There’s plenty of open space to play with the kids and fly kites.


Stay cosy

If you’d like to stay indoors you can choose from a game of pool, a board game, read a book in front of the fireplace or perhaps ask us to arrange a massage or beauty treatment for you.

You might like to stroll over to The Club House for some coffee and cake in our vintage-inspired café.